Noor Stone Ltd. has been founded to build an interactive network and sustainable relationships between people who are in love with the gifts of the natural stone world. Noor Stone Ltd. ensures to provide best services with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification to help customers to choose the best selection for their dream projects.
Noor Stone Ltd. is also involved with HVAC systems for clean rooms and air conditioning as the other wing of its business flow.


       Mr. Halil Ersin, father of three, acquired a great experience in mining for more than 40 years. He had his bachelor’s degree in 1974 at Istanbul Technical University. He had his experience in sulphur, gold and silver mining at Turkish public economic enterprise Etibank more than 20 years of service. Mr. Halil Ersin has served for the government as the Chief Engineer and Technical Manager of Silver mining facility in Kutahya city.
After his retirement, he continued his career as a consultant in the textile industry for corporate and technical infrastructure. During his services, he was offered to be the consultant of a marble quarry in 2007. After his research on natural stones, with the help of his broad experience and deep knowledge in mining, he had quickly become an expert in the natural stone industry. Halil Ersin had continued his consultancy services since then. He guided to natural stone companies to gather the highest quality of their products.
Mr. Halil Ersin had his masters degree on ore dressing in 1989. He’s Fluent in Persian, and can speak English and French at an intermediate level. Mr. Halil Ersin is guiding Noor Stone Ltd. for natural stones as “The Doyen”.
We have his deep knowledge of mining, geology, quarries, natural stone production methods, detailed natural stone quality standards, and inspection guidelines.
We strongly believe that his knowledge is our heritage, and our strength is based on our experience..


Ahmet Fazıl Ersin

Mechanical Engineer – Co-Founder

          Mr. Ahmet Fazıl Ersin had his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2008. After his graduation, he focused on his career as a Field Engineer in robotics. 3 years later he shifted to his new career in HVAC systems and construction. He successfully managed to complete 26 different projects in 4 years.

          He had great skills in completing projects on time with bidding and budget management. Mr. Ahmet Fazıl Ersin Father of two, is fluent in English and can speak German at an upper intermediate level.

Cihad Ersin


          Mr. Cihad Ersin had his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electrical Engineering in 2008. During his studies, he had participated in international and local NGOs, became successful in his career. He has led to his local community during his college years.
After his graduation, Mr. Cihad Ersin has got to opportunity to work abroad for several well known international corporate companies such as Opel GmbH in Rüsselsheim Germany, FactSet Inc. in Manila Philippines. He had also experience working as a business development manager in United Towers Philippines, and JBI business solutions. His latest experience in customer management for Apple in Greece has been a great skill for his further works.
Mr. Cihad Ersin has broad experience internationally in leadership, business management, corporate organizational structure, talent management, marketing & sales management, financial analysis. He ’s fluent in English and can hold a basic conversation in Japanese.

Fatih Ersin

Architect – Co-Founder

          Mr. Fatih Ersin has graduated from the International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina in 2014. He has worked on project design, production drawings and application follow-up on curtain wall systems. Afterwards he has completed the New NATO Headquarters Construction in Brussels. Later served as an QA&QC inspector in the Istanbul New Airport, which is the biggest airport in the world.

          After serving as a façade architect at the New Istanbul Airport construction site, Fatih Ersin has worked as quality control architect in Poronovi Project in Montenegro. Fatih Ersin who is continuing his master studies in Sustainable Architecture is married and father of one. He is Advanced level in English, intermediate-advanced Bosnian language and can hold a basic conservation in French.